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How do you take something like “financial literacy” and make it interesting? Make a crime show about it, of course! With some cool camera moves and intriguing young actors, CSI should catch your eye. Imagination Education is still looking for partners to take this project to the next level, but in the meantime, get a sneak peek at our new proof of performance video.



We want to tackle literacy through the creative writing process – because even kids who are “struggling readers” are natural-born storytellers. We believe in the power of creative thinking, and feel confident of the progression:

Loving imagination and characters > loving stories > loving reading

With a fun, quirky, never-talking-down-to ‘em approach, YWW meets kids where they are, and our “edu-tainment” project will help bridge the gap between low literacy levels and lush, vibrant worlds of words.

Outreach & Interactive Shows

The Imagination Education team has had some great times speaking, presenting, performing and playing across the state. Some of the schools and groups we have partnered with for special programs include:

  • Casey Elementary
  • Millsaps College
  • Mississippi Early Childhood Association
  • Mississippi Arts Commission

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