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Imagination Education, Inc. (ie) is dedicated to creating comprehensive and effective educational resources for today's media-savvy youth. Based in Mississippi, we partner with educators, artists, non-profits, and businesses dedicated to making media and arts more accessible for our children

At ie, our team sets its sights on innovation, connecting with young audiences by understanding what they actually want to watch, read, experience and enjoy — thereby tapping into the most open channels for learning. Our flagship endeavor, “Yeah, Write Whatever” is a fresh, multi-media program designed to enhance literacy and encourage innovation, critical thinking and personal expression by actively engaging students in the process of creative writing. Our other programs range from running workshops for students and teachers to offering cutting-edge personal finance instruction through Hollywood-quality DVDs, web resources and teacher-approved lesson plans.

We believe in the critical importance of education, and the magic of a little imagination. All our programs center on the belief that the arts can help children better learn, absorb, and appreciate any subject; all our products are grounded in sound educational principles, while also focused on creativity, originality, and most importantly, fun.


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